About the Designer


I'm Katrina Santiago, an accessory designer specializing in the intricate art of bead-embroidered earrings. As the creative force behind The Eklektik, my small shop, I find immense joy in crafting unique designs that fuse elegance with a touch of the unconventional. From my workshop to the online marketplace, I'm dedicated to sharing my passion for distinctive accessories that make a statement. The name "Eklektik" holds a special significance for me, as it reflects my design philosophy of embracing a diverse and eclectic range of influences. Each piece I create underlines the idea that beauty lies in the harmonious blend of different elements, making my accessories not just adornments but expressions of individuality. 
At The Eklektik, I channel my love for design into a curated collection of bead-embroidered earrings that cater to those seeking accessories with a distinct personality. Whether it's a bold statement piece or a subtle everyday adornment, my creations carry the essence of craftsmanship and creativity. Through my online platform, I'm thrilled to connect with a community that appreciates the artistry behind handmade accessories, inviting them to embrace the uniqueness that The Eklektik brings to the world of fashion.