The Essence of What We Do

The Essence of What We Do

Over the course of our lives, we have visited many places and met many people; and we have learned much through our experiences. This is why, in March of 2017, we opened The Eklektik with the vision of it being a place that commemorated our pasts, manifested our individualities, and honored the unique stories of all those who come to visit. We have done this in many ways. One is creating all of the décor inside The Eklektik with exclusively repurposed or recycled materials. Another is by cooking recipes that have their own sentimental value in our hearts. Some recipes were passed down to us by family members or were shared by friends at a dinner party or at a cookout. Others we discovered during our travels to new and exciting places. Others still are our own creations inspired by what we have tried and tasted on our adventures.


While The Eklektik is a place built out of our collected past experiences, it is also a place where people gather and talk of the future with excitement, hope, and optimism. That is why every repurposed item in the space has been hand-repaired, re-painted, or reassembled by us. We have breathed new life into these forgotten treasures in the hope that they may leave our store with someone someday and begin their journey anew. The same goes for our menu. While each dish has come from somewhere special in our past, we put our own twist on it before we serve it to you. We believe in making improvements and contributions - in leaving the things we encounter on our journey in better shape than we found them for the next person to enjoy. This is the meaning of our lives. It is the foundational reason we try to shake hands with each customer who comes through our doors. Exchanging thoughts, ideas, and stories connects us and leaves everyone better off. It is how we can best understand our patrons and our community. It is how we can best ensure The Eklektik remains a place where people come together; a place where life happens.


We have endeavored to make The Eklektik this sort of place, but there is always more that can be done. We have some new ideas in the works and will be sharing them with you all soon. Stay tuned!



Aliza & Sion