Latin American Fusion Restaurant, Art, Music & Events

Welcome to the Eklektik!

Eclectic: (ec-lec-tic) deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

The Eklektik is a place that was built from the ground up with our own hands and hearts.

The Eklektik is art, food, music and life. We are foodies, aficionados of life, and endeavor to better our lives and community through what we do and create.

The Eklektik is a Latin Fusion Restaurant, Live Event Venue, and Art Space

We focus on locally sourced ingredients cooked with love and personal expression and use renewable energy and resources at every opportunity. Every table, chair, light, and art piece was someone's throwaway that we jumped at the chance to breathe life back into.

Reservations at The Eklektik

How it all began...

The concept, design, and execution are based on our abilities and expertise. Our vision delivers a sustainable environmentally friendly approach to dining. We do this through committing ourselves to recycling and reviving used materials at every opportunity. 90% of the resources used in this project are recycled, reused or repurposed. The tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, and glassware are all made from recycled materials. We used discarded bottles, lamps, fixtures, planters, shelving, and furniture to build The Eklektik; and all of these items are available for purchase.


Whats next...

In the near future, our energy will be produced by solar panels, solar water heaters, and a biodigestor for recycling our own water and kitchen waste. These renewable sources will generate our electricity, gas for cooking, and fertilizer for our greenhouse. We take personal responsibility for our health and environment by sharing a message with the community that we care. We take pride in our city and planet. We strive to improve them and leave them in better shape than they were found.

Cooking with love provides food for the soul.

We love to cook.

Doing what you love is freedom and loving what you do is happiness.
— Lana Del Rey

Our menu is a fusion of flavors created from our travels, cooking with our families and friends, and incorporates old recipes with a fresh, innovative approach.